Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw

Drama | Mystery | Horror Trailer: Directed by- Dan Gilroy Written by- Dan Gilroy Starring- Jake Gyllenhaal Rene Russo Toni Collette Produced by- Jennifer Fox

Drama | Mystery | Horror

Velvet Buzzsaw
Netflix (2019)


Directed by- Dan Gilroy

Written by- Dan Gilroy


Jake Gyllenhaal

Rene Russo

Toni Collette

Produced by- Jennifer Fox


By The Verge | Tasha Robinson

“Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw feels like Robert Altman’s Final Destination”

“Velvet Buzzsaw is a messy movie, and not just in the sense that Gilroy ends up painting a room with blood at one point”

“Gilroy doesn’t seem to have a coherent direction for his questions about artists’ rights, and whether art can be so creative and moving that people’s right to see it trumps the artist’s right to destroy it. He heavily implies that virtually everyone in the art world is corrupt, venal, and shallow — but then when they come face to face with something real, he doesn’t examine what that means, he just kills them for covering it. Much like Dease did, he builds a compelling world, only so he can burn it down”

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“A great ensemble – led by Gyllenhaal and Russo – helps Velvet Buzzsaw deliver ghoulish satire”

“As a ghost mystery, Velvet Buzzsaw falters, only delivering a cursory amount of the goods. But perhaps it’s the supernatural elements being so half-formed that allow the Mummy’s Curse-style genre to blend together with a satirical look at the art world in ways that shouldn’t work on paper. Either way, the film’s a fun and humble horror offering set among the world of pretension and status”

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By Roger Ebert

“It feels like “Velvet Buzzsaw” needed another pass on every level. The script feels clunky at times, uncertain of its targets and willing to go off on tangents that the movie really doesn’t need—there’s a scene between Piers and Dondon that does nothing for the film other than to show John Malkovich can drop a free throw”

“As someone who sees hundreds of movies a year, and covers hundreds of hours of television, I value originality, and “Velvet Buzzsaw” is certainly unlike anything else you’re going to see this year on Netflix or any other streaming service. And so maybe I’m more forgiving of it than people who aren’t subjected to so much predictable mundanity would be”

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By Rotten Tomatoes

“If you only watch one art-world satire with horror overtones this year — or most others — it should probably be Velvet Buzzsaw”

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By Screen Rant

“Part of the problem is that Gilroy’s Velvet Buzzsaw script tends to be on the nose with its observations of the art world’s superficiality and greed. It also seems to run out of new things to say on those topics by the end of its first half, at which point the movie fully transitions from being a cynical satire into a slasher film where the “killer” takes on the form of artwork across a variety of mediums. This is also where things start to become much more entertaining, especially as Velvet Buzzsaw begins to embrace the inherent trashiness of its premise with its horror-thriller set pieces (though, fair warning: don’t watch the movie’s trailer, unless you’re okay with being spoiled for all the best ones)”

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Velvet Buzzsaw


Rotten Tomatoes- 69%

IGN- 7.5/10

IMDb- 6/10

Movieologist- 2/5

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